ABC 6 Exclusive: Man shot by flare gun speaks

By Liz Tufts

   A Providence man was shot by his neighbor at point blank range with a flare gun. The neighbors have had a long dispute over noise, but this week that fight got heated. With one man firing a flare gun right into his neighbor's face.

     59–year–old Joseph Motta says he and his neighbor 49-year-old Mark Hitchner simply don't get along.  “He yells and slams doors and stuff like that, ” says Motta. But this most recent fight got way out of hand. “He said I'm going to blow you away, ” adds Motta.

     Those were the last words Motta heard, before his neighbor pulled the trigger of his gun. It was no ordinary gun. “It definitely looked like a gun, but I didn't know what kind, ” says Motta.

     He was hit by a ball of fire from a flare gun. “It hit me and just boom blew up, It felt like someone hit me with a brick, ” describes Motta. The flare missing Motta's face by inches, but got him straight in the neck. “If that got me in the face I would have been dead, ” says Motta.

     In seconds, the flames spread to his clothes. Motta was able to put out the flames and call for help. Police arrested his neighbor, but Motta is worried the next fight between the two could be worse. “He tried to kill me, ” says Motta.

     His neighbor was released on bail.  Motta says he's even thinking about moving out so this won't happen again.