ABC6 Backyard Oasis winners

By: Chelsea Priest

Over 700 entries came in for the ABC6 and UNILOCK Backyard Oasis Contest. ABC6 News met with the winners to hear about their battle with breast cancer and the excitement of a new backyard.

Claudine and Jason McBee were only a few months into their relationship when Claudine learned she had breast cancer. She says, “I of course was just in shock that I had cancer and then was also nervous about what was going to happen with my relationship. Jason being the man that he is just took me in my arms and told me everything was going to be OK.”

After a double mastectomy, chemotherapy, and radiation, Claudine could no longer pay for her apartment, so Jason welcomed her into his home in Narragansett. Claudine says, “We kind of became one and fought the battle together.”

Now, cancer-free for two and a half years, and recently married, she saw the ABC6 Backyard Oasis contest and thought, why not do something nice for Jason, as a surprise. He explains how he found out they won, “Her best friend Amber calls and she (Claudine) starts crying and crying and I think something is wrong. She says we won, we won! And I said, we won what?!”

Today the couple met with the contractors to plan their new backyard. Marc Periodic of Unilock says, “It means a lot to Unilock to be able to do something like this for such a nice couple.We're going to start with the patio and incorporate a fire pit and seating wall so they have a nice space to enjoy outside.”

A small way Claudine can give back to Jason for all he's done. She spelled it all out in her winning entry essay, “Now that I'm healthy and on the mend I'd love nothing more than to say “Thank you” to my husband Jason for ALWAYS being there for me.”

Jason goes on, “My wife is incredible…she's an incredible woman.”

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