ABC6 Exclusive: Inside the Mind of Kimberly Fry, Part 1

     ABC6 has gone inside the mind of a convicted murderer. Jailhouse phone conversations between child killer Kimberly Fry and her mother give us a rare look into the woman who suffocated her own daughter.    

     ABC6's Shannon O'Brien is the only reporter with the phone transcripts. She sat in the courtroom during Fry's trial wondering what Kimberly Fry was thinking. Many of you watched our coverage on ABC6 and wondered the same thing. Now, because of transcripts of phone calls between fry and her mom, we know.

     The voice that you will hear is not Kimberly Fry, but it is exactly what the transcripts say.

     “I am not a murderess. This is a terrible injustice,” Fry announced in court, pleading with the judge.

     Kimberly Fry was convicted of murdering her eight-year old daughter, Camden after she suffocated the child during a fight over a bath. Facing 20 years to life in prison, Fry wants a new trial. She claims her lawyer didn't represent her properly and that she never knew about nor agreed to the accident defense presented during her murder trial. 

     ABC6 has obtained the transcripts of private phone conversations between Fry and her mother, which were recorded at the ACI between October 2, 2011 and January 12 of this year. Conversations with her mother just after she was convicted of murder show that Fry knew exactly what was going on.
     “I kind of thought, like, the manslaughter would've been good because, even though I believe it was a true accident, I just never, really never, imagined they'd actually give a murder two charge,” said Fry.

     In another phone conversation, Fry says her attorneys, Sarah Wright and John Lavoy were, “doing a fabulous job”. 

     After the guilty verdict, Fry's request for a new trial was denied and sentencing was set for mid-February. That is, until attorney Joseph Salvadore paid a visit to Fry at the ACI.

Fry: Saying that he watched my whole case, he thinks I was poorly represented and that my mental health stuff should've been brought to trial… There should have been an expert talking about it. That way, they would have said “not guilty” because of diminished capacity.

Mother: Right.     

Fry: And so he wants to say that I had, um… I didn't have good representation, and that…

Mother: Mm hmm.

Fry: …would be the reason for a new trial.
     Fry fired Wright and Lavoy and hired Salvadore. After just ten days, at the hearing to request that new trial, she fired him, too.

“Your Honor, no, I do not want Mr. Salvadore to represent me,” Fry said in court.

     Kimberly Fry did not testify during her murder trial, but we now know that she wanted to tell her story. However, she did not want to face cross examination.

Fry: We're still on the fence about whether I should testify or not.

Mother: That's up to– how do you think you can, you know?

Fry: Well, it's 'cause, you know, I mean, this is a really hard thing and– and the prosecutor is a barracuda. You know what I mean? And…

Mother: Yeah?

Fry: …putting myself through that is gonna be really hard. But, on the other hand, I feel like I need to tell her story. I need to tell what happened.

Mother: Yeah, well, it's up to you to decide, honey, you know? How does she think it's lookin'?

Fry: Um, I think pretty good… Yeah, pretty good. 

     Fry did not testify. It was a decision she regretted. 

Fry: I'm okay. You know, it's… It is what it is. I didn't testify. That was my own fault. I decided not to, thinking that, um… You know, the Medical Examiner saying that this was a straight death would've been enough. But there was too much– there was too much open stuff 'cause they need to understand, you know… 

Mother: Mm hmm.

Fry: …about what was going on at the time, why I continued to sit on her, you know? I mean, he tried to say, you know, that it was manual strangulation the whole time. But what the Medical Examiner said is that it didn't have to be any of those things. I didn't have to continue to hold her down for four or five minutes afterwards; me sitting on her and laying on her would've been enough. And if they didn't understand my panic attack, they didn't, you know? They didn't understand what…

Mother: Mm hmm.

Fry: …what was going on 'cause I gave them no context, 'cause I didn't testify.

     One of the most popular comments sent in by ABC6 viewers was about Kimberly Fry's outfit, the one she wore every day in court. She talks about that, as well as life behind bars and her daughter, Camden, in Part 2 of Inside the Mind of Kimberly Fry.