ABC6 Exclusive: Pawtucket Man Hit with Beer Bottle Through Window at Party

You could say 36-year old Jose Vaz was at the wrong place at the wrong time. One minute, he's at a friends home, having a great time. The next thing he knows, he's in the hospital in bad shape.

     Jose Vaz was in the intensive care unit at Rhode Island Hospital unconscious and near death. The injuries to his head were so severe, he needed help to even breathe.

     The whole thing went down inside his friend's home on Knowles street. According to Pawtucket Police, Vaz was there for a party. But things got out of hand when three men showed up at the door.

     “Three people, you could say, crashed the party. They were uninvited guests,” Major Arthur Martins, from Pawtucket Police said.
     The person hosting the party refused to let them in. “They got extremely upset,” Major Martins explained, talking about 30-year old Addison Fernandez. He became so outraged, he threw a glass Corona beer bottle through the living room window.

     Jose Vaz, an unintended target, happened to be standing right in its path. Martins described his injuries as “very severe… with loss of blood.”

     It was so severe, Vaz spent the next 10 days in the hospital in critical condition. He was just released from the hospital, but his family tells ABC6 his injuries are far from healed.
     As for Fernandez, Police were able to track him down with help from witnesses. He was arrested Tuesday night and charged with felony assault. Police say it very well could have been murder.

    “Any time you pick up an object and throw it through a window, it could be dangerous to anyone on the other side. It was a reckless act this individual committed.”

     For that assault charge, Fernandez now faces up to 20 years in jail.