ABC6 Exclusive: Pawtucket Mother Arrested For Abusing Child

A disturbing case of child abuse out of Pawtucket. A mother is facing jail time…for the brutal way she disciplined her 13-year-old daughter.

     She's accused of cutting her hair off and spraying homemade pepper spray on her.

     38-year-old Dorcus Moore was ordered to stay away from her 13-year-old daughter. She appeared in Providence District Court, charged with cruelty to a child. Pawtucket police say a fight with her daughter on Sunday got out control and a punishment went too far.

     Police say it happened inside their apartment on Bacon Street. Police say Moore's 13-year-old daughter walked in on her mother having sex with her boyfriend. That's when a fight ensued. The victim told police she was ordered by her mother to get scissors. She says her mother cut all of her hair off and that's not all.
     In her own words to police she says, “She sprayed my face, arms legs, and sprayed my between my legs. I felt the spray burning my vagina.”
     One neighbor, who didn't want to go on camera, heard the whole thing unfold.

     “It's so sad to hear that, it's so disturbing”

     The girl went to bed with burns to her body, but alerted school officials the next day. School officials then alerted police.

     The teen is now staying with her father.      

     Pawtucket police are also questioning another neighbor who may have helped Moore hold down her daughter while she sprayed her.