ABC6 Exclusive With Pawtucket Murder Victim’s Family

It's a case that had gone cold for three years, but Thursday in Pawtucket investigators were back in action searching a pond by the Moshassuck Valley Industrial Highway for the gun that killed Carl Seebeck.     

The 63 year old was walking to a bus stop on Broadway Street back in 2008 when he was murdered. The crime is a personal one for Pawtucket Police Captain John Seebeck. The victim was his brother.    

“The personal connection, I mean, a lot of you guys know him,” questioned one of our reporter. “We still have a job to do and we need to get that job done,” said Pawtucket Det. Sgt. Robert Windsor.

The divers used metal detectors and their hands to sift through the muck. They recovered piles of debris and sent it all for forensic analysis. Investigators said they'll know in a few days whether they managed to find the murder weapon.

Among those waiting to hear the results of those tests are Carl Seebeck's grown children. They both spoke exclusively with ABC6 about the helplessness they feel because they can't do more to help search for their dad's killer.    

Keith and Kristen Butler are still trying to rebuild their lives. It's been three years since their father's murder, three years of not knowing who did it. And as police search for a weapon, the siblings are still searching for a way to move on.

Keith Butler was put behind bars three months before his father's was killed walking to work in Pawtucket. 

“I was taken out in shackles to see his body and that was all the closure I had,” said Keith. Three years later, he still sits in the ACI. And Thursday, he sits down with us to explain how this tragedy has shaken his life.

“It's been particularly hard for me, dealing with it in here and not knowing if I'm rubbing elbows with the person or persons who are responsible for it,” said Keith.

And that not knowing has his sister Kristen still picking up the pieces of her life. “The impact that it's had, I can't describe it,” said Kristen, “For me personally, the sadness, the anxiety, the anger, there's been a lot of anger.”

That anger was put on pause as police get a tip as to where the murder weapon may be. “For now we just have to wait until we get proof,” said Kristen.

That proof may have come Thursday. Investigators are testing the evidence. Keith said no matter what, there's a lesson here, a lesson he learned the hard way.     

“I lived a very destructive life, much like the person or persons who done this to my father and I learned a lot from it, so my father's death wasn't in vain,” said Keith.

With a long rap sheet, including assault and robbery, Keith said he's changing his ways when he gets out of prison in three months. It's what his father would have wanted.

“Like my father always said, turn it around, and that's what I'm gonna do,” said Keith.

We got a tip that inmates at the ACI were moved Thursday because of this morning's search in Pawtucket. Prison officials would not confirm or deny the claim.