Accused killer rejects plea deal offer

The man accused in a brutal murder has rejected a plea deal from the state, it's a decision that surprised the victim's family.

Police say that Tony Gonzalez shot and killed Carl Cunningham Jr by mistake.

Gonzalez showed up at his ex-girlfriend's home in West Warwick in January 2012 looking for her current boyfriend, but found Cunningham instead and shot him 7 times.

It's a fatal error, that still brings great pain, to Cunningham's father.

He didn't deserve what he got, he wasn't even the intended target. It's already been a year, but it feels like a day and I don't see myself getting over this anytime soon.” said Carl Cunningham Sr.

The plea deal that Gonzalez rejected would have had him admit his guilt, in exchange for a single life sentence and a 20-year sentence, to be served consecutively.

Now, there will be a trial.

Cunningham's father says that he didn't like the idea of sitting through a trial at first, but he says he'll be able to deal with it, as long as his son's accused killer is found guilty.

“There will be justice for Carl and I think that the state has plenty of evidence against (Gonzalez). I'll be here everyday, until it's over.”