Accused Navy Yard gunman spent night at Buddhist Temple in Raynham

By: Alexandra Cowley

Another red flag from the Navy Yard gunman during his stay in Southern New England. Aaron Alexis was so troubled by the voices in his head, he took refuge at a Buddhist Temple in Raynham.

A monk who spoke to ABC 6 News confirmed Alexis stayed at a place near the temple. The monk said he offered Alexis a place to meditate. The monk also said Alexis spoke of voices in his head.

A few weeks Before staying at the temple, Alexis switched hotels 3 times in one night, ending up at the Marriott in Newport. There, he contacted police and said people were following him and talking to him through the walls.

Newport police passed that report onto Navy police, who said Wednesday that the info never made it up the chain of command.

Five days after Alexis stayed at the Temple he sought help at the VA medical center in Providence where he told emergency room workers he was suffering from insomnia. He was given sleep medication and told to follow up with a primary care physician.

The monk who spoke to ABC 6 News says he recognized Alexis' picture from the news and called police. Raynham police passed all the information about Alexis' stay at the temple onto the FBI.

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