ACI Slowly Lifting Lockdown, After Recent Brawl

      The lockdown at the ACI is starting to be lifted, three days after a fight broke out inside that sent seven corrections officers to the hospital. Corrections officers are having a trial run to determine whether they'll lift the lockdown Tuesday.

      ACI Director A.T. Wall tells us prison officials are reviewing their policies. They don't want to see any more of their officers get hurt, but they say incidents like these come with the territory.

      After a fight at the maximum security prison on Friday that sent seven officers to the hospital,  the lockdown is slowly being lifted. Inmates are being let out one block at a time to eat and take showers.

      Correctional officer Bob Miller has worked at the ACI for 22 years. He can't remember the last time a fight like this broke out. It started because an inmate refused to leave a drawing in his cell.

      Miller said, “the officer told him I will confiscate the drawing, inmate says you're not going to take it from me, and from then it's on.”

      Seven Officers and seven inmates were involved in the brawl. Miller says if the trial run goes smoothly today, everything should be back to normal by tomorrow. The cellblocks of inmates that weren't involved in Fridays quarrel were allowed visitors today. An internal investigation is under way to see if the brawl could have been prevented.

     Miller says, “they'll go over camera footage, interview inmates, interview officers.”

     But he says Fridays incident was spontaneous and something he says comes with working inside the prison walls.

     “When you work inside a prison you actually work on top of a powder keg, anything can happen at any time,” said Miller.

      The two prisoners believed to have been the ring leaders in Friday's fight have been sent to high security prison. There, they will be locked up for 23 hours a day. We're told the others involved will also be disciplined. All of the corrections officers have been treated and released from the hospital.