Aerobatics a big hit at RI Air Show

 By Matt Blanchette


The Rhode Island air show takes flight again starting on Saturday morning. Among the highlights is a one of a kind world war one era stunt plane.

It’s called the Screaming Sasquatch., a world war one era bi-plane, with a twist.

“This combination provides 15 hundred pounds of thrust. This engine straight from a Lear 24. Everything you see here is right off a corporate jet a Lear 24,” Jack’s Links Screaming Sasquatch pilot Jeff Boerboon said.

ABC 6 reporter Matt Blanchette took a ride with Boerboon, on a two person stunt plane. During which he was able to look down at where all the spectators will be this weekend and do crazy stunts.
As for the Sasquatch: “Now you can imagine I go to take off and I go straight up. It sounds like an F–18. this is what the crowd does. they start looking around saying where is that noise coming from. That’s when they realize it’s the bi–plane going straight up,” Boerboon said.
The air show starts right here in Quonset on Saturday.