After 2 car crashes a week apart, neighbors on busy street call for change

ATTLEBORO, Mass. (WLNE): Two car crashes happened just a week apart on Bishop Street in Attleboro, Now, residents are calling on the city to make changes before someone gets killed.

On Wednesday morning before 3:00 a.m., a car hit a concrete mailbox, just missing Michelle DeMayo’s home.

“If we go one more day with another accident, this next one could be a fatality,” DeMayo said. ” That will be a life that’s gone, that we can’t get back.”

DeMayo has lived in the home for five years, where she installed a cement mailbox because of a previous car crash. This will now be the third mailbox she’s had to purchase.

“This morning I heard the screeching, and it sounded like it was in my living room,” DeMayo said.  “So I was just really scared and braced for impact. I heard a loud crash.”

Last Thursday afternoon, a car hit a telephone pole next to her home and flipped completely over.

No one in either crash was hurt but neighbors say it’s just a matter of time if action is not taken.

Residents said Bishop Street is used as a cut-through,  which brings in extra traffic, and there is also a turn with blind spots.

“It’s a very family-oriented neighborhood, so we have a lot of moms walking their kid’s strollers, and kids riding bikes,” DeMayo said.

Our ABC6 News camera captured cars coming very closed to bikers and walkers, which has other neighbors concerned too.

“Pretty much everyone is in danger,” Thea O’Donnell said. “There’s a park down the street. I walk my dog every day, I’m always very cautious and I’ve had to jump several times out of the way of oncoming cars.”

During our visit to the neighborhood, police came to put up a mobile speed radar on the street.

Mayor Paul Heroux said he hopes to add permanent flashing speed radars across the city, including Bishop Street.

DeMayo said he hopes more will be done, including better lighting and signage.

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