After boy’s death, Bristol stop signs put up by residents showing promise

Shortly after a boy was hit and killed riding his bike on the East Bay bike path in Bristol last Tuesday, two stop signs abruptly put up by residents seem to be making a big difference.

The signs were put up by entrepreneur Angus Davis and a group of friends as a symbol of caution in memory of the six year-old boy killed on the path.

Mason Sterne was hit and killed on the crosswalk on Poppasquash Road last week. It’s an area many residents said needed a change.

ABC 6 decided to see how the stop signs were working out, and posted up out of sight to see how cars were reacting to the impromptu signs.

After more than an hour, only four cars completely ran the stop signs, several more rolled through, and many came to a complete stop.

"With those stop signs the cars are stopping," said Michelle Barreira who was running the path with her niece. "The other day we were here and the car was stopped and actually waited for a couple of minutes. I think it’s working really well."

Some residents told ABC 6 they’re happy that the signs are working, they just hope drivers continue to obey them.

The group behind the signs serve as a reminder to the community to be aware in memory of Mason.

RIDOT said the signs can stay for now but can they be enforced?

Steven Brown with the Rhode Island ACLU said that in their legal opinion, it cannot.