After weeks of prep, Riverside pool club opens for summer

Pools were given the green light to open up weeks ago,  but one pool in Riverside said it was a big process just to open back up on Saturday to meet regulations due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Kendbrin Tennis and Pool Club would normally be bustling this time of year, but they’re off to a slow start.

The club first opened on Saturday, but they usually open on Memorial Day weekend, according to Executive Director Sandy Gorham.

“There was a lot of organization getting to this point,” Gorham said. ” Very difficult.”

Things got tough once the weather started warming up and people wanted to get in the water.

“The membership was way down. Membership as it is right now is down over 80 families compared to last year. There’s a staffing issue, a financial issue,” he said.

There were also financial concerns, as Gorham had to layoff some employees.

Even if it was on the table, the club could not financially support being open under phase one, with stricter social distancing guidelines.

Now, the number is up.

“We’re allowed 35 in the pool. If we kept the diving board open, that’s a significant part of the deep end of the pool that we would lose that for free swim,” he said. We spent probably close to two thousand dollars just in signage, having the plexiglass.”

Gorham said members check into an app when they arrive and that’s how they keep track of how many people are in the pool.


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