Aggressive turkeys in Mansfield

By Dana Griffin

A gang of wild turkeys are on the prowl in Mansfield, causing residents to think twice
before leaving their homes.

“You see hot turkey
on the table for Thanksgiving. Who can think a turkey can chase you down the
street, or in the house,” said Mary Gilbert.

About a week ago, Walter
and Mary Gilbert's son was chased down the street by four wild turkeys. Police
were called to help.

“It's kind of
intimidating because you can't do nothing about it.  You got to try and chase them away. I used a
cane outside,” said Walter Gilbert.

Out of the four birds, two
males are considered the aggressors. They would not let the Gilberts near their

“And meanwhile, the
turkeys are chasing the police officer and he's trying to divert them with
spray. We were in the car. He was in his police car and the turkeys chased him
down the street,” said Mary Gilbert.

Over the past few weeks,
at least three turkey attacks have been reported; people claim the birds charge
at them.

In November, the turkeys
blocked people from entering the Rockland Federal Credit Union.

The Mansfield Animal
Control Officer says the turkeys often see their reflections in cars, believing
it's another turkey and that may prompt the behavior. Their beaks are not the
biggest concern. It's their talons, which can cause injury.

If another incident is
reported animal control will try to catch the birds and possibly have them euthanize.