Agreement Made to Bring Medical Marijuana Dispensaries to RI

Medical marijuana dispensaries have new life in Rhode Island.

After months of blocking any so called “compassion centers” from opening, the governor and legislative leaders, have reached a compromise to open them up.

State Representative Scott Slater will co-sponsor the new bill in the legislature. The bill will add limits to the amount of marijuana that compassion centers can grow and possess. It will also allow registered patients who grow their own marijuana, to sell their excess pot to the centers.

All of these new provisions were put in place, as a way to try and alleviate concerns the state of Rhode Island had, about federal authorities, shutting these centers down once they do open their doors.

“I think that it's extremely important that we have a safe place for patients to obtain the medicine and a medicine that will be a consistent strain for the patients.” said Rep. Slater.

Representative Slater told ABC6 News that the bill is almost assured to pass both the house and senate, within the next 3 to 4 weeks, and then get signed into law by the governor.

Slater also believes that the compassion centers could be up and running, before the end of this years legislative session.