Alligator at Rhode Island Pond; People Cautioned

Courtesy: Portsmouth Police Department

PORTSMOUTH, R.I. (AP) – A three-foot-long alligator has been spotted at a pond in Rhode Island, and authorities are working on a plan to capture it.

Portsmouth Police Detective Lt. Brian Peters says the animal was first spotted Saturday at Sisson Pond. Authorities from Portsmouth and the state Department of Environmental Management saw it themselves on Monday.

Peters says the alligator appears docile. Earlier, they had warned people to stay away from the pond, but now he says they're just cautioning people to be aware there's an alligator in the area.

No swimming is allowed in the pond, but people go fishing and bird watching there. DEM spokeswoman Gail Mastrati says alligators have been found in Rhode Island waters before, typically after they were kept as pet and abandoned by their owners.

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