Almost $1M seized by FBI in connection with Ray Gallison

Newly released FBI documents show almost $1 million has been seized from funds having to do with former House Finance Chair Ray Gallison.

Gallison is not currently facing any charges, but he did resign from the House earlier this year amid a federal probe.

A big chunk of the money seized has to do with the estate of Ray Medley. He is a Barrington man who died in 2012. Rep. Gallison was previously listed as the executor of his estate. We spoke with attorney Thomas Wright, who says he petitioned to take over that estate two weeks ago. He says he noticed quite a few red flags.

"He reported that the contents of the house were only worth $750. I knew that Mr. Medley had much more than that especially the stamp collection and coin collection. I knew he had a certain amount of stocks and bonds so that’s what perked my interest. That’s why we moved to have him removed,” said Wright.

The FBI documents show more than $263,000 taken in connection to that relationship. Thomas says most of that money is stocks and bonds.

He says Medley wanted most his money to go local charities including the Historical Society and Methodist Church in Warren. So far, Thomas says they have not seen any money.

"I’m going to file a petition with the court to at least make a partial distribution,” said Thomas.

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