American flags stolen in Fairhaven

By Mike LaCrosse

American flags meant to honor local veterans were stolen from a park in Fairhaven.

About 25 of the 85 flags that were put out at Fort Phoenix Beach were taken over the long holiday weekend.

'We are very upset," said Lois Tucker.

Lois and Donald Tucker have been pulling those flags out at the fort for years.

"We've enjoyed doing it and we honor the veterans and we just love doing it," said Donald Tucker.

"It's so nice to come down and see them and all the people at the fourth," said Lois Tucker.

Russ Leite and his family helped the couple place the small flags this year and are taking over the duties going forward.

"I was shocked.  I had no idea.  I expected to come pick up all the flags," said Leite.

Leite's 93-year-old dad Manuel is a World War II Veteran.  He's also saddened someone took the flags.

"It means liberty.  It's what we fought for, what we sacrificed and my buddies died for and we're here to represent them," said Manuel Leite.

Leite says someone saw kids taking the flags and decided to remove the remaining 60 to prevent them from being taken as well.

"So we got a lot of them back.  It was a good ending to a tough story," said Leite.

He is just hoping whoever took the flags brings them back.

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