American Idol holds auditions in Boston

By: News Staff


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BOSTON, Mass. (WLNE) — New Englanders filled in to the bandstand at the Boston Common Friday morning to try to prove what they have got to become the next American Idol.

ABC6 News went to the Boston Common where the very first auditioners lined up. Some of them warmed up while others simply soaked in the whole experience.

They lined up early Friday morning for auditions, which did not begin until 9 a.m. Now, in this round of auditions they did not go before the judges, but they were in front of the producers.

This was the only local audition for American Idol in New England. Therefore, many people came from as far as New York.

However, Sarah Rouse took the cake since she came from Hawaii. Rouse did not travel from Hawaii. She actually is a sophomore at Wheaton College.

There were some talent from Rhode Island, and among them was Neil Letendre. He is a singer and songwriter from Central Falls.

Any of these auditioners at the Boston Common could be the next American Idol.

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