Amtrak Train Carrying 265, Derails in North Kingstown

The Acela train was coming from Boston, heading toward Washington DC when the front end came off the tracks in North Kingstown. There were 265 passengers on the train, nobody was hurt.

Kathy Eldred lives on Old Baptist Road, right across the street from where the train came off it's tracks.

“I was like oh my god.”

Eldred says she was sitting in her living room when she heard loud bangs coming from the train tracks across the street.

“I heard a bang, bang it was actually like five consecutive bangs, and the front of the train was almost like the kids that have those cars that bounce,” explained Eldred.

Eldred describes the train bouncing up and down until finally coming to a screeching halt.
Amtrak tells ABC 6, the Acela 2171 came off the tracks around 4 O'clock in North Kingstown. Workers were still standing around waiting to fix whatever caused the derailment at 8 O' clock. A crane was brought in to lift the train back on it's tracks. 265 passengers were on board, no one was injured.

“I've never seen anything like it,” described Eldred.

State Representative Doreen Costa who lives nearby, says she left a meeting and rushed straight to the scene.

Costa says, “That's why I came right down here to make sure everybody was ok and nobody got hurt.”

Another train came and picked up the passengers who were on their way within a half hour.

“The people brought another train in very shortly after and took them from that to the other train,” said Eldred.

It's still unclear what caused the train to fall off the tracks. A crane was brought in to lift it back on.