An ABC6 News Look Back at 2010

In the end, 2010 was a year no one in Rhode Island will soon forget.

2010 saw the historic floods of March and April, one of the worst natural disasters in the history of the state. Highways were closed, entire neighborhoods flooded, and FEMA recovery centers filled in throughout the state.

2010 was a year consumed with politics, which saw the state elect a new Governor, Attorney General, Treasurer, and a new Congressman, among others. The Kennedy era in Rhode Island came to an end, when Patrick Kennedy decided not to run for re-election. And who could forget gubernatorial candidate Frank Caprio's 'shove it' comment, about the President's non-endorsement during the campaign.

2010 was the year an entire school of teachers in Central Falls was fired. The ripple effect from the move made it's way to Washington, DC, where even the President weighed in on educational accountability. Also, in Central Falls, the city financial problems led to a state-imposed receivership – what's to come in unknown.

ABC6 News Anchor Mark Curtis takes a look at these stories, and others, in this look back at 2010.