An easier way to report crime in Pawtucket

It is the first of its kind in the state and something the Pawtucket Police Department is very proud of. A new online feature called “Citizens Online Police Reporting System” which gives citizens the option to submit police reports online.

You can fine the form on the Pawtucket Police Department website, and can report anything from vandalism and theft, to bullying or even a street light out. The site has been on a trial run since the first week of April and has already seen a lot of action. Lt. Roberto DaSilva says, “in that short period of time, we have already had over 100 reports, this is with little fanfare, already 100 reports have been entered into the system, so we're very happy to see the initial success and hope it continues.”

The initial cost was a $14,000 start up fee, then a $7,000 yearly fee that includes full technical assistance. F

or those who do not have the ability to file reports online or simply would prefer to do it in person, nothing will change and you will still be able to contact the police for a response.