‘Anders Manor’ begins filming in East Greenwich

By: Melissa Randall



An insane asylum and a psychiatrist’s office are the perfect back drops for a new horror movie being made in Rhode Island. Filming for ‘Anders Manor’ got underway Wednesday at Verdi Production studios in East Greenwich, but this movie won’t be like anything you’ve seen before.

“We’re kind of trying to reinvent some really classic- traditional elements of horror and stay traditional but at the same time put our own unique footprint on it,” explained producer Tommy DeNucci.

ABC6 News got a behind the scenes look at the set. Crew members were seen testing out some of the eerie shots that will be used. A few of the actors, including Christina Robinson (“Dexter”), who will play the main character, Amy, was also there for day 1. She was busy getting a few final touches from hair and make up and preparing to deliver a performance that will make you want to sleep with the lights on.

“This one is not your cheesy fun horror. This is more of like your oh my god— hide under the covers kind,” explained DeNucci.

The movie tells the story of a young woman who checks out of a mental institution, but is still having recurring nightmares. Warwick resident Jonathan Schermerhorn, who is making his directorial debut, says the internal struggle is what drew him to the script. 

“It’s a great opportunity for a horror film because how to tell what’s real or what’s not and if up here is scrambled. That’s horrifying,” he said.

Horror has become a niche for ‘Woodhaven Media.’ Films like "Self Storage" and "Almost Mercy" have led the way for this latest project.

“The horror genre is something I can’t get away from. They keep pulling me back. I did a kids movie last year but it’s really fun to come back,” said DeNucci. 

This time ‘Woodhaven Media’ is teaming up with "2 Cousins Productions". Together they are promising perfect blend of scares and suspense. And you won’t have to wait long to see ‘Anders Manor.’ The movie should be complete by early March and already has a distribution deal in place.

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