Animal control, residents on the lookout for runaway emu in Lakeville

LAKEVILLE, Mass. (WLNE) — Animal control and residents off Lang Street in Lakeville have their eyes and ears out for a runaway emu that’s wandered the neighborhood for over a week.

Town animal control says the emu escaped from local owners while they were moving out of state.

Native to Australia, emus are the second largest birds in the world behind the ostrich and can reach speeds up to 4o miles per hour.

Residents in the neighborhood are familiar with the birds but are taking extra precautions while it’s on the loose.

A resident named Daniel told ABC 6, “I had said to my wife when I first moved a few years ago, ‘I wouldn’t be surprised if one of the emus showed up in my driveway.’ So, we got a good chuckle out of it yesterday when we found out.”

Crews patrolled the neighborhood and local woods with nets Wednesday after briefly spotting it.

Dave, a local resident, saw the bird Tuesday in his backyard and followed it through his wooded property. He helped animal control in their search Wednesday as well.

“I was out there trying to make friends with it, trying to pat it,” said Dave. “It was standing five feet in front of me, pretty much at arm’s reach.”

Animal control knows the bird is in the Lang Street area, but has yet to precisely corner the emu.

Anyone who spots the emu should call the Lakeville Animal Shelter at 508-947-3891.

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