Animal shelter asks public to adopt all pets by Thursday after temporary facility shuts down

By Kirsten Glavin


WARWICK, RI – Phones were ringing off the hook Tuesday afternoon at the East Greenwich Animal Protection League’s temporary shelter in Warwick, after they announced on Facebook that all of their animals needed to be adopted or fostered by 5 p.m. on Thursday.

The shelter, which cared for 21 dogs and 1 cat, was using the Hallene Road location to keep the animals until their new shelter in Cranston finished undergoing final rounds of renovations. 

Tammy Flanagan, the Executive Director of the East Greenwich Animal Protection League told ABC6 News on Tuesday that she was notified by the shelter’s lawyer, Scott Summer, that the property manager of the condo association were forcing the animals out after complaints from neighboring businesses in the complex.

"We have tried to be good neighbors, but I guess we just haven’t been good enough,” Flanagan said.

She explained that the shelter began receiving noise complaints since they moved in, last October.  “This just threw a huge monkey wrench into everything."

Even though the shelter moved into the complex during the fall, Flanagan said she just learned from the Warwick building inspector that the unit does not allow overnight care for animals.  She added that the condo association threatened to charge their building owner, Doctor Martin, a $500 fee, every day past Thursday that the animals were there.  Instead of fighting the condo association, Flanagan told ABC6 it was easier to let it go.

Tuesday afternoon a number of dog lovers popped into the shelter to help out.

"I was looking at Facebook and noticed there was an urgent call out for fosters for dogs,” said Katherine Scott, a mother and pet foster parent in Warwick.  "I’ve done it before and I have the experience. My home is free right now so I figured I’d go over there and volunteer."

Flanagan, overwhelmed with last-minute arrangements, didn’t forget to mention how grateful the staff was for people like Katherine Scott, helping out.

"I went in and met the Chihuahua’s so I think those are the two I’m taking home today,” said Scott.

According to the shelter staff, if there are still pets that do not get adopted or fostered, they will be placed at the North Kingstown Animal Hospital until their new Cranston shelter opens up.

ABC6 News did reach out to Patricia Tuner from Clarkin Real Estate and Management Company in Warwick for comment, but did not hear back Tuesday.

To call to East Greenwich Animal Protection league to inquire about adoptions, call: (401) 738-1716.