Animals rescued from New Bedford home recovering at shelter

By: Chloe Leshner


NEW BEDFORD, Mass. (WLNE) — Several animals are recovering in shelters after being found in deplorable conditions in a New Bedford home, the woman responsible is charged with animal cruelty.

 Police say they found 17 animals living in squalor, 19 others dead inside the home. Now some are being nursed back to health at a Fall River animal shelter.

It’s hard to believe 2 playful chihuahuas now at the Forever Paws Animal Shelter were living in deplorable conditions just days ago.

"Usually with dogs they tend to bounce back, they don’t usually hold a grudge," says Casey Fredette, shelter administrator.

The 2 dogs, along with a chocolate lab, rabbit and 2 chickens are just some of the animals that police say were mistreated by a New Bedford woman. There’s several others not even healthy enough to come to the shelter yet.

"What we do is offer them an avenue that gets them back towards being a member of a family, a house pet and where they’re happy and healthy," says Fredette.

On Thursday, police found 19 dead animals inside a house on Query Street, including hamsters birds and lizards. The 17 animals found alive were living in cages, many of them extremely underweight.

39 year old Amanda Vicente is charged with animal cruelty and child abuse after police say they found dead lizards in cages in her 13 year old son’s room.

This situation though, common for shelter workers who say unfortunately they see this a lot.

"Whether it’s 1, 2 or as we’ve seen in this area hundreds previously, they’re all different levels of terrible," says Fredette.

Once the dogs are in better shape, they’ll be put up for adoption.

Vicente has been arraigned on the charges, police tell us her son is in his grandmother’s custody.

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