Animals rescued from Westport farm given a permanent home

By: Chloe Leshner


A little more than a year after hundreds of animals were found living in squalor in Westport, some have been given a permanent home at a local sanctuary. The animals found living on those filthy farms were sent all over the country to be nursed back to health and very few actually stayed in the area. 67 animals in all are staying local and now have a permanent home at an animal sanctuary in Tiverton.

The conditions at the West Place Animal Sanctuary in Tiverton, shockingly different from the Westport farm where 67 of the animals here got their start.

"Some of them were very, very ill and we struggled with a few of our very special friends here," says Wendy Taylor with the sanctuary.

Ducks, fish, sheep and even peacocks all rescued from the largest animal cruelty case in the Northeast and 1 year later, all in good health and in a permanent home.

"They are always going to need a little extra, special attention and we know that we can give it. So we want to keep them here and monitor their progress," says Taylor.

The owner and 26 tenants of the farm were arraigned on animal cruelty charges earlier in the year. All plead not guilty.

"These people who had these animals did not care for them," says Westport resident Kathy Feininger who started the group Stop the Insanity Westport.

Seeing the animals in good care at the sanctuary’s open house was emotional for animal advocates who have been involved from the start.

"Especially for the members of our group who worked on the rescue farm and saw these animals when they were absolutely at their lowest point and to see them today happy and healthy is just a joy," says Feininger.

The sanctuary is run on donations and volunteers. If you’re interesting in getting involved visit

WLNE/ABC 6 2017