Annual Meteor Shower Peaks Tonight

Meteor Shower

The annual Gemenids Meteor Shower peaks tonight with as many as 30-40 meteors per hour visible despite the bright waning gibbous moon. You can see them earlier too, starting about 9-10pm. This show-stopping shower features fragments from a comet called 3200 Phaethon and NASA reports these meteors travel up to 78,000 miles per hour- 40 times the the rate of a speeding bullet! To best see the meteor shower, NASA advises you grab a blanket and lie down with your feet pointing south. You may have to let your eyes adjust for a bit so don’t look at your phone. Also pack your patience in addition to your hat and gloves. Bundle up! It will be quite chilly with temperatures dropping into the 20s and a breeze from the northwest will make it feel like the teens at times, especially after midnight.

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