Another hazy day and scattered afternoon showers



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Not a lot has changed from yesterday to today. We still have the wildfire smoke moving in- not as bad as yesterday but still seeing hazy skies.

Skylar Surface Smoke Contour


We sill have this storm system sitting just north of Halifax, Canada, and it’s been stuck here. That’s causing it to spin off a few waves of energy which means we will see some more scattered showers this afternoon and early evening, but then fizzling out tonight. Expect this pattern for the rest of our week.


Hrrr 3k Temp Sat Rad Skylar

TODAY: 70. Partly cloudy, scattered afternoon showers. WNW 5-15mph.

THURSDAY: High 67. Scattered showers.

FRIDAY: High 68. Scattered showers.

SATURDAY: High 75. A few spot showers.

SUNDAY: High 80.Warm.

MONDAY: High 78. Chance of some late afternoon thunderstorms.

TUESDAY:  High 79. Thunderstorm chances.



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Meteorologist Skylar Spinler

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