Another snow day on the way?

Nicole Gerber


PROVIDENCE – With more snow on the way many are wondering if the littleones are going to be going to school first thing in the morning. And the schooldistricts are left with a number of issues to balance to determine what wouldbe best.

Students could be prepping for another snow–day… what would be the 5th this year in Providence.

But it all depends on how much snow we get, and exactly when it falls.

“We're good up to about 3 inches, and the busses can manageok… If it's coming during the commute that's obviously a much bigger problemfor us than if it's coming when school's in session… They can sweep up, getthe roads ready, and get the busses out,” said Bernie Luger, Chief Operating Officer at Providence Public Schools.

And it's not just about driving conditions. Temperatures and wind speeds also affect kids who walk to school.

As nice as a day off can be some parents are hoping there's a way to get the students inthe doors.

“I hope they go to school… I have to say safety is mostimportant but, we're only supposed to get an inch or two,” said Kate Sander of Pawtucket.

“I hope they can still go, it would be nice to spend thesummer with them,” said Eric Lackey of Cranston.

But it's safety first when it comes to making that ultimatedecision.

A delay or early dismissal is also an option… though the schools tend to avoid it when possible.

“Even if the storm's going to start late if its going toimpact getting kids home in the afternoon then we may really want to just thinktwice before having the school day,” said Luger.

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