Aponte resigns as Providence city council President

By Kirsten Glavin



PROVIDENCE, R.I. — Luis Aponte resigned from his position as President of the city council, Friday afternoon.  He issued the following statement to media at 4:30 p.m.

“After much deliberation, I have determined that it is in the best interest of my constituents, colleagues, and city to formally submit my resignation as Providence City Council President.

Serving the people of Providence is one of the greatest honors of my lifetime, and I remain committed to representing my constituents in my capacity as Councilman. While it has been a privilege to serve my colleagues as Council President, I believe this is the appropriate time to step down from my leadership position and focus on the best opportunities to serve the needs of my community.

I understand that some of my Council colleagues wish to amend the Council Rules to allow for the removal of a Council President at any time. I urge my colleagues to take a more measured approach, and refrain from rushing into a reactive rules change that undermines our democratic principles. "

In recent weeks, I have been fortunate to receive an outpouring of support from my constituents. At this time, I’d like to offer my deepest gratitude for all their well-wishes and support throughout this process.”

The City Council President’s resignation comes one day after nearly all city councilors boycotted going to Thursday night’s full council meeting.   Mayor Jorge Elorza announced Wednesday he would do everything he could to strip Aponte of his power as President. On Monday, the council voted no confidence.

"I give credit to the council members who took a stand and pressured Aponte to resign. I’m confident we can get to work and continue moving our city forward," Mayor Elorza said in a statement Friday night.

Councilman David Salvatore issued the following statement: 

"Although making the decision not to conduct the business of the Council was difficult, the measure was needed and ultimately resulted in Councilman Aponte’s decision to step down. While I am pleased with Councilman Aponte’s decision, it is imperative for the City Council to do what is in the best interest of the citizens of Providence.  We can now focus on those matters that demand our immediate attention."

Luis Aponte is facing two felony charges, including embezzlement.  He was indicted on May 10th for misusing campaign funds.  Although he has resigned from his position as President, Aponte will to continue to hold his position as Ward 10 councilman.

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