Apponaug construction getting mixed reviews

By Dana Griffin


WARWICK, RI- Hoping to tame traffic by turning a one-way into two lanes around Apponaug, the city of Warwick has begun a $30-million, three-year construction project.

Roger Williams Car Sales representative, Ted Castillo said, “I think in the long term it’s gonna be helpful. I think we’ll get more traffic both ways versus now where it’s just going one way.”

Although beneficial in the long run, in the mean time, this construction is creating a bit of a mess for this car dealership.”

“We just washed them Saturday; had them all washed and waxed and it looks like they haven’t been touched in months,” said Castillo.

A new bypass road will help filter some 24,000 cars down to five-thousand; a plus for business managers who say the cars move so fast, it’s dangerous.

“We have a lot of customers that drive right by and miss us because they don’t know we’re here. Because the flow of traffic is so fast and a lot of elderly customers have a hard time getting out of their cars so I think it’s gonna help us in the log run,” said Borrelli’s Bakery manager, Amanda Calderon.

A layout provided by the DOT shows what the road will look like once completed in 2017.

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