Arctic Blast Arrives Tonight

The Arctic blast we have been expecting is still on schedule. The Cold front will come through Overnight tonight about 3am Friday. This is when we will see the warmest temperatures of the day in the 20s. Temperatures drop from here despite a day full of sunshine. Temperatures will be down to 10 degrees by 5pm. Winds will also ramp up through the morning with northwesterly winds gusting near 40 mph.

Wlne Future Wind Gusts

Power outages are possible too! With the combination of the extreme cold and the high winds, wind chills will be sub-zero as soon as Friday afternoon and drop to -30 overnight Friday into Saturday morning.

Kb Extreme Cold Tips

We will see the winds relax and the temperatures moderate for Sunday with high temperatures in the 40s. So, even though it will be brief, it will be intense and certainly extreme. The record low temperature for Saturday is -2 from 1918, we are expected to bottom out at -6. This magnitude of cold air was last felt here in 2016. Good news! Starting Sunday afternoon, temperatures will be well above average through the middle of next week. Expect temperatures near 50 by Tuesday. The next chance of showers is rain on Thursday.

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