Arctic Blast Still on Track

Quick January recap! January 2023 will be put in the books as the 3rd warmest (tied with 1937) and the 7th wettest on record.

Wednesday will go in the books as a slightly colder than average day, but it’s downright balmy next to what is coming this weekend. A clear sky tonight and slackening winds will help temperatures drop off pretty quickly into the teens and lower-20s. Thursday will see wall to wall sunshine and a milder southwesterly wind. As a result, we should find high temperatures in the 40s. Then everything changes. Thursday overnight into Friday will have a Polar cold front move in. It will bring a brief period of clouds pre-dawn and an increasing wind. Morning lows will be in the 20s and will also be the warmest temperatures of the day. As temperatures plummet and the winds gust 30-40 mph, wind chills near -15 will be in place by the evening. Friday night is when the dangerous cold and wind combination takes control. Temperatures will drop sub-zero, making a legitimate run at the record low of -2 from 1918. with the strong winds gusting 30-40 mph, it will make it feel as cold as -30. Winds gusting that high could also cause power outages as well. Through Saturday, we will keep the cold temperatures in place, topping out in the teens, and the winds too, meaning wind chills staying sub-zero the entire day. Sunday brings relief as a warm front comes through with clouds and a milder southwesterly wind. Sunday will start cold near 10 degrees but will top out near 40. Thumbnail Wind Chill Watch Thumbnail Wlne Future Wind Chill Values Thumbnail Kb Wind Chill Timeline


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