Army Veteran Opens New Restaurant

Leige Waffles Inspired During His Service

ATTLEBORO, M.A. (WLNE) – A new restaurant is holding a grand opening in Attleboro today.  It’s fitting that Burgundian celebrates today, Veteran’s Day, since it’s owned by an Army veteran whose time in the service helped inspire a central piece of the menu.

Shane Matlock served in the U.S. Army from 2004-2014.  For three years, he was stationed on the border of France and Belgium in the town of Lille.  There he discovered the leige waffle.  There was a man named Bernard who would sell them on the street.  And from the first taste, Matlock was hooked!

“It’s such a different waffle! It’s a yeast of risen dough,  caramelized on the outside.  It’s naturally sweet, dense and chewy. You eat it by itself!  It was unlike anything I’ve ever tasted,” Matlock says.

Years later, out of the service, Matlock was looking for a hook.  He always wanted to own a coffee shop, but he was looking for something special to add to the menu; something that would combine his love of food and travel.  Matlock remembered those waffles.  He did a lot of research and tested out plenty of recipes.  Eventually, he went to Belgium and learned how to make them from a waffle maker.

First, Burgundian was a food truck.  Matlock and his team bringing it to local events and breweries.  His chicken and waffles took off, creating a passionate base of Burgundian followers.

What is a Burgundian? “It’s someone who likes food and drink in both quality and quantity shared amongst friends,” Matlock says.  The Belgian term, a way of life for Matlock.  He has always wanted a central space for community to gather.  That’s why he opened the location on Park Street; serving up those waffles, craft coffee and eventually will serve beer from 24 different taps.

“We want to be part of people’s daily lives in Attleboro. We want them to come for a coffee on their way to work  and then swing by for a beer and some dinner on their way home,” Matlock says.

The Burgundian way of living, brought to Attleboro all because of his time in the Army, stationed in Europe.


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