As school lockdowns rise, child psychiatrist advises parents to prepare and inform children

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Parents wait for students from Coventry High School as they are evacuated.

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WLNE)- Multiple schools in the Providence area have locked down over the past few weeks due to suspected threatsDr. Tanuja Gandhi, a child psychiatrist at Bradley Hospital, says the best way for parents and children to approach these situations is to be prepared and informed.  

“We are in a world where just so many things cause anxiety and there are so many safety concerns,” said Gandhi. She continued, “Being prepared reduces anxiety more than landing in a situation where you know absolutely what’s going on.” 

On Monday, Coventry High School was placed under lockdown for multiple hours after students and faculty passing in the hallway heard a threat to the school. Most recently, Chariho High School locked down for the second time in a week yesterday after a student claimed they saw an individual with a firearm on the wood line 

Coventry Police arrested a student yesterday that they say set off the lockdown for disorderly conduct.  

Gandhi advised, “I think it’s really important for us as people in this society to acknowledge how much children are struggling, and to make sure that we step up and provide the support children need to readjust back into school and the post-pandemic world as we get to that point.” 

Police did not find any weapons after the lockdowns at Coventry High School and Chariho High School.

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