Assessing South Coast roads

 By: Chelsea Priest

Traveling by road is something the majority of people do daily, but with a lack of funding, some area roads are in rough shape. A new report released today by “TRIP” a national nonprofit that researches transportation issues, looks into the road conditions and costs to drivers across Massachusetts.

Rocky Moretti is the Director of Policy and Research for TRIP. He explains, “we put the reports together because we have found that they are very critical to help the public understand that there are consequences to under-investing in infrastructure.”

For the South Coast, traffic congestion alone costs drivers $425 annually in lost time and wasted fuel. Add in vehicle operating costs and the financial cost of any traffic crashes and on average the total cost per South Coast driver is more than $1600 a year.

Moretti goes on, “there are rough roads, there are deficient roads in terms of pavement conditions , they are congested during peak periods.”

 The goal of the report is to shed light on a lack of funding to repair area roads. Steve Smith is the Executive Director of the Southeastern Regional Planning and Economic Development. He explains, “we need to make the case to the voters that we don’t have enough money in the system to fix all the problems and undertake new initiative.”

 (C) WLNE-TV 2014