Astronomical high tide adds to winter storm in Narragansett

This is a photo of the waves crashing over the sea wall in Narragansett (WLNE)

NARRAGANSETT, R.I. (WLNE)– As a result of astronomical high tides, in addition to the winter storm in Southern New England, clean up crews have take to Ocean Road in Narragansett to remove the wash up from the ocean.

Swells higher than 6 feet crashed over the sea wall, flooding a large portion of the intersection by Ocean Rd. and Beach St.

Locals tell ABC6, conditions today are worse than they’ve seen, “Little more aggressive than I thought it was going to be, tried to go hunting and it didn’t really work out so, we figured we’d come check out the waves and yeah, it’s pretty aggressive today,” Mike Stewart said.

A Narragansett woman also added, these are the largest swells she’s seen, and doesn’t expect the flooding to clear out any time soon.

As temperatures are expected to drop below freezing, RIDOT officials continue to warn those on the road to watch out for ice, and dangerous conditions.

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