Astronomical High Tide Friday

Friday will see a strong wind from the south with gusts possible up to 65 mph. These winds will also coincide with what is known as an astronomical high tide in the morning. The result is a high likelihood of widespread minor coastal flooding with pockets of moderate coastal flooding. A Coastal Flood Watch has been issued as a result for Friday morning and early afternoon.  Coastal Flood Watch

Here’s how this enhanced tide works: Twice a day we see the ebb and flow of the tides. The pull on the Earth is called the tidal force and it comes from the moon. This force causes the earth’s waters to bulge out on the side facing the moon. As the tidal force also pulls on the Earth, stretching and squashing it a bit, it creates another bulge on the opposite side of the Earth. As the earth rotates into these tidal bulges, we experience a high tide. Sometimes the sun lines up with the moon and the Earth in a line. The additional gravity from the Sun creates an even higher tide or an astronomical high tide. Tides can also be enhanced by strong storms or persistent strong winds.

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