ATM skimming devices appear in various local Cumberland Farms locations

Johnston police shared this photo of the ATM they found a card-skimmer on.

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WLNE) — North Providence and Central Falls police are warning the general public of more ATM skimming devices found at local retailers.

North Providence police said they responded to a Cumberland Farms on Mineral Spring Avenue for a report of a skimmer device attached to an ATM machine.

Officials confirmed that the device was indeed a skimmer and ask those who may have used the ATM at the Mineral Spring Avenue location to contact their banks to check for signs of fraud.

Central Falls Police also said they found an ATM skimmer at another Cumberland Farms gas station on Broad Street.

Authorities said this is not the first time they’ve discovered a skimmer in this area.

Johnston police alerted the public of another skimmer device they found inside a Cumberland Farms on Tuesday.

Central Falls police further advised people that may have used the affected ATM on Broad Street should also contact their financial institution to check for signs of fraud.

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