Attleboro bans the use of lawn sprinklers

By Stephanie Vargas

The city of Attleboro is banning water starting Monday morning due to lack of rainfall. 

City officials say since the reservoir levels are lower than normal, they are banning the use of all lawn sprinklers. The ban goes into effect September 21st at 9 a.m. and is meant to conserve water.

The use of underground or above ground sprinklers is prohibited until the ban is terminated.

The termination date is unknown and any violators face a fine, according to the City Ordinance 16-12.24

The activities allowed, but may be restricted, include:

•    Watering the garden with a handheld hose or water can.
•    Washing the car.
•    Filling of permanent pools.
•    And using well water to water lawns, there must be a sign that says ‘Well Water in Use’ noticeable from the street.

Anyone that would like more information may call the water department at 774-203-1850.

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