Attleboro BJ’s employee donates her own cases of Clorox wipes to senior couple in need

ATTLEBORO, Mass. (WLNE) – A BJ’s employee is getting praise for her act of kindness this week when a local couple was in desperate need of cleaning supplies.

Mary Simpson has been calling BJ’s almost every day to see if they have Clorox disinfecting wipes in stock, but the answer is always no.

“We never lucked out to being in the store when these things were available.”

Simpson lives in Attleboro with her husband, Lester, who recently had surgery, along with her elderly mother.

“Because my husband had surgery back in April, and because I live in a multi-generational home with a 95-year-old mother, it was very important for me to keep certain surfaces clean,” said Simpson.

While grocery shopping on Wednesday, she and her husband decided to ask the woman working the customer service counter if there were any wipes hiding in the back.

“She brought my husband aside and she said, look, we don’t have any in the store. However, I’ve got some wipes at home that I would be glad to bring to your house. My husband said, ‘You don’t have to do that. That’s way too generous of you.'”

But the employee, Daniana, insisted, and that afternoon she showed up to their house and gave them two cases of five containers of Clorox wipes.

Floored by the act of kindness, Simpson posted about it on the Attleboro community Facebook page.

“I went on ‘Everything Attleboro’ and explained what had happened, and what I didn’t expect was so many comments and so many likes that I think people realized just the importance of doing for one another.”

It’s a small act of kindness that made a big difference for this family. They hope it inspires others to appreciate essential workers that many take for granted.

“Those people, when this virus started, they were what was deemed essential workers,” said Simpson, “and the way I look at them now, they are essential. When you go into a store or any place for that matter, recognize that person. A simple thank you can make a person’s day.”

Simpson wrote a letter to BJ’s corporate offices, letting them know what Daniana had done.

In a statement, General Manager of the Attleboro location, Jay Charbonneau wrote:

“We’re proud to serve our Members every day and provide them and their families with essential services. We’re also incredibly grateful for our hardworking and dedicated Team Members like Daniana, who go above and beyond to help our Members in need.”

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