Attleboro elementary school students are supporting the NE Patriots

 By News Staff,

Students at the Willett Elementary School in Attleboro were in the winning spirit as they wore their New England Patriots gear Friday.

“It’s nice seeing everyone with jerseys rooting for the Patriots,” said student Nelson Shepard.

“They enjoy it we’ve done days like this in the past with Patriots days and the kids get dressed up and get all fired up and excited about the game,” said principal Jeff Cateon.

The teachers were also enjoying the spirit of the day.

“They are telling me about who they are playing and the last game Edelman’s pass.  They’re obsessed with that.  They know the facts,” said teacher Emily Asack.

“They’re all big Gronkowski fans because I am a big Gronkowski fan, so they’ll all when we have 87 for an addition problem, or when we’re playing a game when 87 comes up we go Gronk, Gronk, Gronk,” said teacher Kelsey Bower.

The school plans to have another Patriots Spirit Day when the team makes it to the Super Bowl.