Attleboro EMT Recalls Baby Being Born in Car

EMT's are prepared for just about anything, but first responders from Attleboro certainly aren't use to getting calls, like the one that came in about a mom, just about to deliver a baby in a parking lot.

The team of Attleboro EMT's were prepared for the worst, but were surprised when they pulled into the parking lot, and saw the mother in complete control.

When Stephen Marcotte and his fellow EMT's got to the old Friendly's parking lot on 524 Pleasant Street last night, the mother had already delivered her baby, on her own, while a 9-1-1 operator was on the line with the grandmother, who was driving mom to the hospital.

Marcotte was amazed at how calm and collected the mother was, although it probably helped that this is her third child.

The mom and her new baby boy were quickly whisked away to Sturdy Memorial Hospital and both are apparently doing just fine.

“This actually was a situation where the best really happened, you know it really required very little effort on our part, the woman was phenomenal she did a great job on her own to deliver this child.” said Marcotte.

Now the Friendly's where the baby was born isn't even open any more, but when the company got word, it decided to give mom and the EMT's a year's supply of ice cream.