Attleboro family demanding answers after their dog was killed

NORTON, M.A. (WLNE) — An Attleboro family is reeling after their dog was found dead in a deep wooded area from a gunshot wound in Norton Thursday.

Steven and Taylor Henriques became concerned after they let their

out of the house earlier in the week and he didn’t come home.

The couple turned to social media for any answers and received a tip that Bo was spotted near power lines in Norton on Wednesday.

The concern became too much for the family and Steven went into the woods with a friend and found Bo dead on Thursday. The family’s first thought was that Bo accidentally impaled himself on a stick, as it was covered in blood.

As Steven carried Bo out of the woods, he discovered a bullet wound and pulled out what he said appeared to be a slug from a shotgun. The family is worried that Bo was either the victim of a hunting accident or a severe case of animal cruelty.

The couple reported Bo’s death to Norton Police who are investigating.

Steven and Taylor said the hardest part will be telling their two children that Bo won’t be coming home.

“We’re in shock still, honestly. We haven’t told our son yet. We’re going to go home and tell him in a little bit,” Taylor said.

“I’m sure it won’t settle in until everything else settles down. Then it will really start hitting us,” Steven said.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Norton Police at 508-283-3300.