Attleboro residents concerned about hunting

By Mike LaCrosse 

Homeowners in Attleboro are concerned about the start of hunting season. 

“It gets to the point you have three months of the year you don't dare go out on your own property,” said Dyanne Spatcher.

 Spatcher and her brother George own 40 acres near RT. 123.   

“I hear the gun shots like a lot of people hear the gun shots,” said George Spatcher. 

To keep hunters out Dyanne maintains more than 300 no trespassing signs around their property.  She also makes sure she has her orange apparel on before heading into the woods. 

“I don't trust anybody with a gun or a bow.  I am wearing my orange,” said Dyanne Spatcher. 

Massachusetts has strict rules about where and when you can hunt.  Rules that most seasoned sportsmen like Matt Criasia follow. 

“You can only hunt a half hour before sun up, half hour after sunset and if you wanna hunt private land you need permission to hunt private land” said Criasia.

Not everyone follows the rules.  That's why the Spatchers want the City Council to pass an ordinance requiring written permission to hunt on private property.

The City Council President tells ABC6 they are still working on an ordinance that can be enforceable.