UPDATE: Attleboro schools locked down after reports of a gunman

© photo from WCVB

Dee DeQuattro


Two Attleboro schools were locked down after students reported seeing a suspicious man with what one described as a gun in the area.

Just after 1:15 PM Attleboro Police took to Twitter to notify parents and residents saying:

“Searching area of Wamsutta School for a man with a Gun. School in lock down. Perimeter established. Black male baggy pants, white shirt.”

The superintendent tells ABC6 News that students at Wamsutta School say they saw someone in the woods. State and Local Police combed the area with officers, canines, and helicopters… but were unable to locate a suspect.

Many parents arrived to pick up students and the school was dismissed early, though Attleboro police officers stayed on site to reassure parents and students that they were safe.

“Once a significant search… was conducted we felt comfortable that the school perimeter was safe, the property was safe,” said Sgt. Arthur Brillon of the APD.

The nearby Hyman Fine Elementary School was also locked down during the incident.

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