Attleboro will shut down city government after Thanksgiving due to rising COVID numbers

ATTLEBORO, M.A. (WLNE) — Attleboro will be shutting down its city government for 10 days, as the city and state continue to deal with a rising number of COVID-19 cases.

Mayor Paul Heroux tells ABC 6 that city hall and all city government will be closed to the public between Wednesday, November 25th and Monday, December 7th. 

The mayor says the idea is to limit contact between city employees and the public for 10 days following Thanksgiving. 

“There is going to be a lot of contamination and contagion going on during that holiday,” Heroux said Wednesday. 

“So for the 10 days after that, I want to keep the city government closed to the public,” Heroux continued. “That way the public doesn’t infect city employees and city employees won’t infect the public or each other as well.”

Heroux says city employees will also be working staggered schedules and mostly from home if possible during that time.

“I want as minimal contact as possible,” the mayor said.

Earlier this week, the public library and assessors officer were closed for a couple of days, after employees tested positive for COVID-19.

Mayor Heroux says there are currently 20 active cases within the city’s government — 10 of them confirmed positive, the other 10 results still pending but assumed positive due to contact with others.

He says the outbreaks have delayed important meetings and other city business.

The public library and assessor’s office were deeply cleaned earlier this week and have now partially re-opened. 

Heroux says the city has bought a number of laptops using Federal Coronavirus Relief Funds, and city employees will be taking them to work from home as much as possible in the upcoming weeks.

City Hall is set to re-open at 8:30 a.m. on Monday, Dec. 7. 

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