Attleboro woman victim of mailbox theft outside post office

ATTLEBORO, Mass. (WLNE) – Thousands of dollars were stolen from a couple in Attleboro, and as far as they can tellthe thieves were able to steal the money by fishing out their checks from a mailbox outside a post office 

Dawn Spolidoro put two checks inside the mailbox outside the Attleboro post office on Pleasant Street within the last month. 

Both checks went ttwo different locations and ended ugetting cashed, but not bthe intended recipients. 

Spolidoro found out the checks were stolen, when she was alerted that neither bill got paid. 

I had to close a bank account, reopen bank accounts. It’s been a total nightmare, Spolidoro said.  

ABC6 News obtained a copy othose checks; one with the amount altered from $200 to $2000; the other just cashed, ais, for about $262. 

I thought the safest place to put my checks were in the post office box right at a post office, Spolidoro said, “where we’re putting our mail and thinking our mail is the safest place, but it’s not.”  

ABC6 News went tthat post office oPleasant Street, where the mailbox didn’t seem tbithe line osight othe security camera pointing toward the front door.  

The manager inside referred ABC6 News to a spokesperson, but acknowledged hknew about the theft allegations; saying inspectors are looking into the problem. 

 Spolidoro was also told bher bank that thieves targeted South Attleboro. 

The blue box outside the South Attleboro post office, Spolidoro said.  

Spolidoro got her stolen money refunded bher bank, but istill calling opost office officials to upgrade all boxes thave a much thinner slot.   

Just to hopefully prevent other people from this happening to, because it’s absolutely a nightmare and a headache, Spolidoro said. 

A spokesperson for the postal service and Attleboro Police Department did not return our calls for comment, on this story, by the time the article was posted.  

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