Attleboro’s mayor cautiously plans Labor Day weekend party

Attleboro’s mayor is taking an optimistic outlook when it comes to defeating the coronavirus by planning a city-wide party at Hayward Field for Labor Day weekend.

There’s not a whole lot happening in the city as the Memorial Day Parade was canceled, Fourth of July was canceled, graduations were canceled, and city pools are expected to remain closed.

This ‘post-virus’ party will use the budgets from other canceled events, and will take place either on Labor Day or the Sunday before, according to Mayor Paul Heroux.

“I think people would come out for it because will be looking for something to do to get out. Some type of reason for hope and optimism,” he said. “If we can’t do it safely we wouldn’t do it.”

The mayor said although he’s remaining optimistic, there is a possibility the event will not happen.

Heroux told ABC 6 that it’s better to plan ahead now, instead of trying to rush things closer to September.

“We are also mindful that if we start planning for this now we might have to cancel it. But what we don’t want to do is try and plan for it at the last minute,” he said.

For the city, it all comes down to the science.

“If we see the trends keep going down where fewer and fewer people are getting infected with this virus, that would give us the confidence that we might be able to do something like this,” Heroux said. “We’re optimistic and we’re hopeful but, again, we’re following the science. We’re following the epidemiologists.”

Some residents like Kerry Chemeliwski believe it’s a fantastic idea, and he believes a lot of people will go if the city gives the green light.

“It’s a good idea, you know. It will get people outside the house and it’s a gettogether, you know what I mean. It’s a community,” Chemeliwski said. “People want to get out and about. It’s just what it is.”

However, some like Gary Lacourse will not be going either way, erring on the side of caution.

“I don’t think you probably should just yet. Until we at least get a vaccine,” Lacourse said. ” I dont know how everyone else feels about it but me personally I dont think you should be doing it yet.”

Mayor Heroux said if the party gets canceled, the budgets for the other canceled events will get rolled over to next year.

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